Original hand-crafted jewelry with Japanese paper and metal

Kayoko and Nori Tachibana, wife and husband, teamed up as artists of Kayoko Designs. Originally from Fukuoka, Japan, they moved to Brooklyn, New York, in 1989 and to San Francisco in 1992. They have been doing arts and crafts shows as Kayoko Designs since 1993.

Far away from her homeland of Japan, Kayoko’s passion for creation manifested into unique jewelry made of Yuzen-shi, Japanese rice paper. She started with the initial desire to share the exquisite beauty of Yuzen-shi paper with her American friends. She studied metal technique at YWCA, N.Y., and at the Revere Academy of San Francisco. Nori, her husband, handles the technical and business matters of Kayoko Designs. He is a musician as well; his original CD with his acoustic guitar music is also available at their shows.